Roux Deux

Do what you love. Follow your bliss. Play out your passion. Set an intention and let the universe deliver. For us, these are more than inspirational quotes - they shoot straight from our heart and soul. We’ve known for a very long time that Roux was in our cards – we just didn’t know where she was. And, then, after defining our vision and visiting Provincetown six times in one year, Roux found us.

We could tell you we have a million years in hospitality, marketing, retail and start-ups – even farmers’ markets, but that’s just resume detail. What we do want you to know is that we left corporate life after many years and now fill our days connected only to those things that bring us joy. 

We get intoxicated by the exquisite details that make a home sing and are thrilled to create gracious living spaces that make others feel happy, welcomed, and nurtured.

We are passionate about entertaining and cooking and sharing incredible food experiences with others. To us, life is a party. And, so, we decided to host an ongoing one for you.