Welcome to Roux, a beautifully restored Victorian property located in Provincetown’s East End Gallery District – an easy walk to everything Provincetown has to offer.

Roux may be one of the newest additions to the Provincetown B&B landscape, but she has a history. Rich. Welcoming. Playful. A little chic. A lot of fun. She's a French girl about to hold a very wonderful party. A never-ending sleepover for friends we haven't met yet. 

If you’re looking for a laid-back getaway where you can get lost, Roux offers plenty of cozy and wonderful spaces to escape. If you’re after a major mingle with some really awesome like-minded people from across the planet, Roux's got that covered, too. Roux provides an eclectic, artistic and relaxed canvas where you design your experience and discover that there is indeed an art to staying.

Come indulge in the vibrancy of Provincetown.

Roux welcomes all Guests and proudly serves the LGBTQ community.