Bride Pride: Get Married in the Gayest Zip Code in the Country

Provincetown is the perfect backdrop for any wedding, but for the LGBTQ community it is a safe harbor where love truly is love - and everyone knows it.

Thirteen years ago, on May 17, 2004, hundreds of same-sex couples lined up outside City Halls across the state to apply for their marriage licenses in Massachusetts - the first state to recognize same-sex marriage in the country . In June of 2016, a long-sought-after victory was won and the Supreme Court ruled same-sex marriage a right nationwide. 

A time for celebration; on paper - certainly.  We queers, with the law of the land on our side, were now legally allowed to marry anywhere. As the new reality set-in, it began to beg the question: Do we still need to go to gay-friendly places to marry?  We believed so, but the answer became incredibly clear to us last year, when women from across the planet descended upon Provincetown to proclaim their love for each other during Bride Pride - The World's Largest All-Girl Wedding & Renewal Ceremony . Stories shared with us by women from Tennessee, Georgia, Florida and other less than accepting places made it more evident than ever: while same-sex marriage might be legal across the country and you can marry anywhere, it certainly doesn't mean it's safe. On that sunny day in October, we knew Bride Pride 2017 was in the stars - and now, more than ever, given the Hitchcockian times in which we all find ourselves.

Today, we find ourselves in what feels like a very different world and, so, we believe its more important than ever to lean into love to show the world what the face of love looks like and to do that from Provincetown - the gayest zip code in the country. 

On July 22, 2017, at the height of Provincetown's epic Girl Splash and the summer season, Bride Pride - The World's Largest All-Girl Wedding & Renewal - returns to Provincetown turning up the heat; leaning into love bigger and bolder. Last year, 106 women from around the planet married or renewed their vows. Help us make history and join us at Provincetown’s historic Pilgrim Monument for the ceremony of a lifetime! Join your tribe and show the world what love looks like. Please share our message and video wildly and with free abandon! Deadline for registering for wedding: June 22, 2017. There is no deadline for registering for a renewal ceremony. To REGISTER or LEARN more:

While same-sex marriage is legal across the country and you can marry anywhere, it certainly doesn’t mean it’s safe.

Take a look at our video and then share it wildly and with free abandon.