Provincetown is vibrant. It’s a magnet for lovers of life, artsy types, gallery-goers, fun-seekers and known for its diverse and colorful culture.  It’s filled with great food, fun boutiques, quirky shops, wonderful whales, sassy nightspots and amazing festivals and events.

There’s also a quieter more contemplative side. Awesome beaches. Spectacular sunsets. The National Seashore. Whale Watch adventures. The dunes.  Bike riding through Beech Forest or, if you simply enjoy people watching, Commercial Street is the best entertainment money can’t buy.

Provincetown's attractions are even easier to enjoy in the Fall. Gorgeous foliage. Open beaches. Still-open restaurants. Art Galleries. Women’s Week. Halloween. And festivals galore. In Winter, the town steps up its game bringing a remarkably laid-back scene. There are plays, readings and movies. Join the locals in the handful of still-open restaurants. You can walk Beech Forest.  And, the sun still sets in Winter.

Check out what’s going on during your planned stay or plan your stay around what’s going on: