For those interested in tying the knot this year - or re-tying it, here are some questions and answers to help you understand the what, where, how and when of Bride Pride.


Where will the wedding take place? This super special awesome wedding and renewal ceremony will take place in Provincetown. We are currently working on finalizing the location - which promises to be amazing!!

When will the wedding take place? The wedding will take place promptly at 11:00AM on Saturday, October 19, 2019. Please plan on arriving no later than 10:00AM.

Is there a rain date?  No. Rain or shine, the wedding will go on! Don’t worry about what you’re going to do about the rain – Let us do that. 

What will it cost to get married or renew my vows at Bride Pride?  There is a $150.00 per couple fee to get married or renew your vows at Bride Pride. If you are getting married, there is an additional $50.00 that will be paid to the Town Clerk's Office when you apply for your marriage license. The $50 fee includes your application and two copies of your marriage license that the Town Clerk's office will mail to you.

Where do I register for Bride Pride? You are close. Very very close. Please visit the Bride Pride Registration Page to register. You must register whether you are getting married or you are renewing your vows.

How do I pay for my registration?  After you have completed the Registration Form, click Submit and then click Pay Now. You will be taken to a payment page where you may pay by credit card. Or, you may write a check in the amount of $150.00 made payable to Roux Provincetown and mail it to Bride Pride c/o Roux Provincetown, 210 Bradford Street, Provincetown, MA 02657.

Are there are other fees?  If you are getting married, there will be a fee to obtain your marriage license.  Fees vary in each town, but in Provincetown, the total cost to obtain your marriage license is $50.00. This includes two certified copies of your marriage license once the Town Clerk records your marriage with the state (see next section). If you are renewing your vows at Bride Pride, there are no other costs associated with the event.

When is 2019 Women's Week? Women's Week is October 14 - 20, 2019. The Women's Week line-up may be viewed on the Women's Week site. If events do not appear up to date, check back from time to time. After you have registered, we will send you newsletter updates regularly with information.

When do I need to arrive to be a part of Bride Pride?   If you are getting married, see the Marriage License Application Process section below for more information on the timing required for securing your Marriage License. We recommend arriving no later than Tuesday (October 9) so that you can get everything in order and enjoy the events that Women's Week has planned.. If you are renewing your vows, you may come anytime you like - even for just the day - but we do suggest you arrive in Provincetown earlier - Women's Week is always amazing. You'll want to meet all the women from across the planet who are attending, hear the new talent Provincetown has in store for the week and, participate in events that will be just for you as a part of Bride Pride. 

Where can I learn more about Bride Pride? You can find out more about Bride Pride here.

MARRIAGE LICENSE APPLICATION PROCESS - Only for those who are getting married. 

What do I have to do to obtain a Marriage License for Bride Pride? Where do I go? You may obtain your marriage license at the Provincetown Town Clerk's office. Because you will be married in Massachusetts, you must obtain your marriage license in Massachusetts. If you live in another state, you must obtain your marriage license when you arrive in Massachusetts. No appointments to file marriage intentions are necessary. Everyone who comes into the Town Clerk's Office during business hours will be able to file their intentions. Both persons must apply for a marriage license in persontogether and at the same time.  You may not apply via the internet or over the telephone. Allow 10 – 15 minutes for the marriage filing process.  

When Should we apply for our Marriage License?
In order to have your marriage license issued to you in time for the Bride Pride marriage ceremony, you must make your application for the license NO LATER THAN by TUESDAY, October 15, 2019 so that you may be able to pick it up no later than by Friday, October 18, 2019 by NOON. Provincetown Town Hall closes at Noon.

Do we get our Marriage License the same day we applied for it? No. There is a mandatory three-day waiting period before the license will be issued. It is, therefore, imperative that you visit the Town Clerk's office and complete the application no later than by TUESDAY, October 15, 2019 so that you may be able to pick it up no later than by Friday, October 18, 2019 by NOON. 

How early can I apply for our Marriage License? You cannot complete a marriage license application more than 60 days before the wedding ceremony date. If you receive your license more than 60 days before October 19, 2019, it will become null and void and you will have to repeat the process.

Where is the Provincetown Town Clerk's Office located? The Provincetown Town Hall (Town Clerk’s Office) is at 260 Commercial Street. Phone: 508-487-7013  For more info, see

If I live outside of Massachusetts, can I apply for a marriage license in my hometown and bring it with me?  No, an out-of-state marriage license cannot be used for a wedding ceremony in Massachusetts.  You must complete a marriage license application in the state of Massachusetts.  

I live in Massachusetts - Do I have to apply for our Marriage License in Provincetown?   No. If you intend to marry in the state of Massachusetts, you can apply for a marriage license in any town in Massachusetts and take that marriage license with you anywhere in Massachusetts to have your ceremony performed - which is, in this case, Provincetown.  If you receive your marriage license in a town other than Provincetown, the Bride Pride Officiant will mail your signed marriage license back to that respective town’s Town Clerk after the ceremony. However, regardless of where you apply, you must apply for a marriage license within 60 days of the wedding date (no earlier) and every town has a three day waiting period. So pay very close attention to the timing. If, however, you decide to take a day-trip and apply for your marriage license in Provincetown the week of the wedding, you must do so at Provincetown Town Hall Town Clerk’s office no later than Tuesday, October 15, 2019 allowing three full days to process the application as required by the mandatory three day waiting period. You may pick it up no later than by noon on Friday, October 18Town Hall closes at noon on Friday.

Who may I contact to receive more information about the Marriage License process?   Regardless of where you file your marriage intentions, it is always best to contact the Town Clerk’s Office to find out what is required in order to avoid any last minute surprises and be better prepared for your big event. Provincetown Town Hall (Town Clerk’s Office) is at 260 Commercial Street. Phone: 508-487-7013. For more information, please see the Provincetown Town Clerk’s link: 

If I’m in Provincetown for Memorial Day, Fourth of July or Women of Color Weekend, can I apply for a marriage license then?  No. You can complete a marriage license application within 60 days of the date of the wedding ceremony which is Saturday, October 19, 2019. The latest you can apply is Tuesday, October 15, 2019 allowing three full days to process the application. Town Hall closes at noon on Friday, October 18, 2019. In all cases, we recommend playing it safe with dates. 

What is the marriage license fee in Provincetown and do they accept credit cards?  The fee is $50.00.  The fee includes two certified copies of your marriage license that you will receive after the wedding. Provincetown is not equipped to handle credit card transactions, but cash or check is acceptable.  

What identification will we need to bring with us to the Town Clerk’s office with us? In Provincetown, the Town Clerk requires that you bring some proof of age. Since there is an affirmation that exists on the marriage intention application that states, in part, that all of the information provided is accurate and true, no additional documentation (i.e., birth certificates, divorce decrees, etc.) will be necessary, unless the Town Clerk suspects that either you or your intended are under 18 years of age, in which case he will need to see some proof of age - a driver's license will suffice. ID requirements vary from town to town and, so, if you are not filing in Provincetown but in some other Massachusetts town, please contact the Town Clerk's office in which you are filing to learn their requirements.

Is there an age limit to apply for a Marriage License?  You must be 18 or over.

What if either of us was previously married? If either of you were previously married, joined in a civil union, a registered domestic partnership or other legally binding relationship with someone other than the person you are marrying, this past relationship must be legally dissolved and your divorce must be final before applying for a Massachusetts Marriage License. 

My partner and I are in a civil union. Do we need to dissolve that before applying for a Marriage License? No. If you and your partner are in a civil union or domestic partnership, it does not need to be dissolved.

What information will I need to disclose to the Town Clerk's office when applying for our license? In order to get married in Massachusetts, you will need to obtain a marriage license for which you will be required to provide the following information via a form: Name; Date of Birth; Occupation; Address of residence; Number of previous marriages and how the last marriage ended (death or divorce); Existence of present or former Civil Union or state-created Domestic Partnership, and dissolution status, if any; Birthplace; Full name of parents (including middle and maiden names); Gender; and, Disclosure of whether applicants are related by blood or marriage.

What do we need to bring with us if my partner is not from the United States? The questions and information required are the same for those born within the United States, and those who do not reside in the US or are not US citizens.

What do we do once we receive a Marriage License from the Town Clerk? After you have filed your marriage intentions, and after the mandatory three-day waiting period has elapsed, you will need to retrieve your marriage license from the Town Clerk’s Office.  Once you obtain your marriage license, bring it to WomenCrafts at 376 Commercial Street in Provincetown where you will receive your Bride Pride Registration Kit. Womencrafts will be your headquarters for registration, event information as well as a perfect stop for jewelry, gifts, lesbian/feminist literature and more.  (508) 487-2501.  IMPORTANT: No matter when you have obtained your license -within the previous 60 days - whether in Provincetown or elsewhere, you must drop off your Marriage License to Womencrafts in order to be married on Saturday, October 18, 2019. 

What will WomenCrafts do with our marriage license? As the BRIDE PRIDE Registration Headquarters, WomenCrafts will be responsible for bringing all marriage licenses to the wedding location the day before the ceremony. We will need to know that everyone at the ceremony has a provided a license.          

What do I do with my License after the wedding?   When you arrive at Roux on the day of the wedding, you will meet the Official who will conduct the ceremony.  After you are married, she will sign the marriage license and return it to the Town Clerk’s Office so they can record your marriage with the State. The marriage license then becomes a legal document and the original is returned to Provincetown Town Hall in the Town Clerk’s Office.   In Provincetown, once they record the marriage with the state they automatically mail you two certified copies – your legal proof – that you are married. If you receive your marriage license in a town other than Provincetown, the Bride Pride Officiant will mail your signed marriage license back to that respective town’s Town Clerk after the ceremony.

Once we are married can we get a copy of the Marriage License?    In Provincetown, your $50.00 fee includes two certified copies of your marriage license. Once the Provincetown Town Clerk’s office receives your signed marriage license, a copy of your license will be sent to you.   If filing in another town, please check with them to determine how you can obtain certified copies of your marriage license.

What happens if we miss the Bride Pride event?  If, for some reason, you miss this historic event, AND you have a marriage license, you have 60 days (from the day you received your license) to act on those intentions  (get married), or the intention becomes null and void and you have to start the whole process over again.  And, of course, you will be missing out on the opportunity to be part of something outrageously fun, historic and exciting. So, don’t miss it!

Who do I call or email if I/we have any questions?   If you have questions related to obtaining a marriage license, you can call the Provincetown Town Clerk’s Office at 508-487-7013 or go to:  For general questions about Bride Pride, call Roux at 508-487-1717 or email us at


How do I get to Provincetown? For information on how to get to Provincetown, check here.

Where can we find overnight accommodations?   There are many lovely accommodations in and around Provincetown to appeal to every taste .  Of course we'd love you to stay with us at Roux Provincetown. In the event, we are full, It's Women's Week, so we recommend you book early - check out possibilities at The Provincetown Business Guild site.

Can I announce the wedding or renewal on my Social Media sites?   Umm, yes, please! We’d love you to be a voice in the planning of your Wedding Party!! Besides getting the message out to your gal pals, friends, family and followers, we’d love you to follow us and all the other brides on Instagram #BridePridePTown. Do Couple Selfies, Ring Selfies and Proposal Selfies on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, SnapChat or whatever! Use hashtag #BridePridePTown. IDEA: Create and share a personal wedding or renewal hashtag (try to make it unique so someone else isn’t using it for their wedding, too – e.g., #SarahKateBridePride2016 DURING and AFTER the wedding, share your hashtag with guests who can’t attend so they can follow along.  This will make them feel like they are a part of your day, too!


What time is the wedding and renewal ceremony.  The wedding ceremony will start promptly at 11 a.m. However, please arrive at the Bride Pride venue no later than 10:00 a.m. to sign in, ensure we have your marriage license (we will), and pick your spot on the lawn.

Can I invite friends and family to the wedding and renewal ceremony?  Absolutely!!  You’re getting married in one of the most beautiful and special spots on the planet - invite everyone!

What should I wear?  It’s all eyeballs on you, ladies. This is your wedding. You decide. Complimentary outfits, matching outfits, individual style-- butch and femme. Go understated. Go elegant. Wedding gowns. Dresses. Tuxedos. Bespoke suits. Whatever makes you happy. Mostly, just bring your elated smiles - but don't forget the rings. And know that you will be photographed - a lot! 


By participating in Bride Pride you grant permission to Bride Pride to use photos taken of you for promotional purposes.