Roux’s is Provincetown’s only Aromatic Inn. We use essential oils to promote and maintain health and vitality to the mind, body and sprit of our Guests. Next time you step foot into Roux, take a minute to consider the ways your senses are stimulated by aroma. It's just another way we add to The Art of Staying. 

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Signature Scent

Our signature scent changes with the season - sometimes every week - or even day to day. It depends on Roux’s mood. She is, after all, a French girl. We currently have a blend of Lavender, Wild Orange and Bergamot on rotation. Night time might bring a sexier note to the table. 

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In Room

Depending on the vibe you’re looking for - relaxing, romantic or rejuvenated, you have the option of adding an essential oil experience to your stay. There is a menu of options. You decide. Oils may be diffused in your room; used in the bath/shower or with an AromaTouch® Massage.  (Note: Please let us know at check-in if you would like to have an in-room aromatherapy experience.)

AromaTouch® Massage

This simple yet powerful massage technique involves the use of 8 specific Essential Oils placed along the spine and feet in sequential order to promote stress reduction, immune enhancement, inflammatory reduction and homeostasis. 50 minutes. 

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In the Roux Kitchen

We can’t give away all of our kitchen secrets, but we can tell you that we have wonderful, healthy ways of infusing essential oils into our recipes at breakfast and our daily savory Happier Hour.  By using essential oils, we add the essence of pure ingredients - adding concentrated flavors and therapeutic nutrients to food and beverages.  The essential oils we use are high quality CPTG - Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade.®  

* The essential oils curated at Roux are high quality CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade oils sourced through Doterra®. If you want to keep your vacation going long after you return home, oils may be purchased here.