Roux Crew


Changing of the Guard.

Big shout out to Allison and Illene who did a top-notch job restoring and operating Roux over the last five years. Loved by all in the Community, they will be well missed.

Steven and Michael acquired Roux in April 2019.

Steven and Michael believe that building community comes first. Settling into Provincetown, the world’s gayest zip code by property ownership, has so far been the most welcoming, rewarding and creative experience of our lives, and we want to extend these moments to you. Unlike most other accommodations, Roux comes with so much space both inside and out to hide away or just have the time of your life with your friends. You’re here to have fun and we do fun well. If you wish, let us point you in all of the right directions. We first assume that you have all you need, so please should you need help with anything, inquire with us.

We have a staff of incredibly gifted people who understand that their purpose is to ensure your bliss. Come meet Jennifer your cleaner, John the grounds keeper, along with Steven and Michael who are honored to be your hosts. Michael is a Canadian music composer, and Steven grew up on Cape Cod and always has his hands in something whether it be a new dish, the garden or a real estate venture.

Local guest chefs, yoga instructors, meditation guides, artists, yacht rides, golf, off roading in the dunes, kayaks, massage therapists, performers of all kinds all abound. Simply inquire within.

Can’t wait to meet you.

Check out our “Provincetown” tab for a list of local events and themed weeks.

  • Beer! We are closely affiliated with Provincetown’s first brewery, the Provincetown Brewing Company “PBC” located at 141 Bradford Street opening in July 2019. Likely, there will always be beer around onsite for everyone’s enjoyment. Also handsome men!

  • Art! We hope you are because you’re going to be surrounded by the stuff. We are actively partnering with local art galleries to adorn the walls with local art for purchase.

  • Onsite Events! Coming soon. They will be week-themed related day and night.